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Smooth Design makes no attempt to track or determine the identity of individual visitors to our website. Cookies are not used on this site to collect data. The following technical information is captured in server log files: domain name, referring URL, IP address, entry/exit pages and browser and platform types. Smooth Design uses this information for internal purposes only: to compile traffic and statistical analyses leading to website improvements.

Smooth Design does not collect personally identifying information about individuals, except when specifically and knowingly provided by such individuals. This information includes: name, title, phone number, company/organization, email, comments, and uploaded resumes.

Smooth Design uses personal information for hiring purposes only. Hiring information is only shared with the Smooth Design representatives in charge of the selection process. We use contact information for potential new business prospects. Contact information is only shared with the Smooth Design representatives in charge of client follow-up/contact. Although email addresses will not be disclosed to any third party for any purpose, please do not submit contact or resume information if you are concerned with privacy.

Technology on the Internet is developing at a rapid pace, and we need to maintain our flexibility in the online arena. If we need to change our policy in the future, we will post these changes as soon as they go into effect. Any questions or concerns regarding our privacy policies should be directed to Georges El Ojaimi or 961 3 442 558.

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